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Doris’ Approach

Courage is an individual act that comes from the heart. To know when to stand up and speak, sit down and listen, challenge the status quo, take chances, make tough decisions, endure challenging times, discover new possibilities, and be accountable. As a courage specialist,™ Doris’ role is to engage you in meaningful, courageous conversations designed to get to the heart of the matter so that creative resolutions and sustainable change can occur.

She offers a customized approach designed around your specific needs. This process is all about you, so your work with Doris begins with a focused conversation to determine the most important concern you have right now about your life, job or business. Once the issue is isolated, she will help you drill down further to understand the extent of the problem, contributing factors, and alternatives for resolution.

Finally, she will gain commitment from you to take the necessary next steps toward resolution and then follow up on your progress, helping you along the way. As part of the discovery process, she may employ a variety of methods to learn more about you. This may include:

Interviewing others in your sphere of influence

Deploying a 360 feedback assessment

Observing you conducting business meetings, interviews, or presentations

Designing a training or facilitate a meeting or retreat