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Let your courage shine. Ask Doris how today.



Be courageously inspired for 2024.


Maximizing Brain Power: Tools and Techniques for Optimal Mental States
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“Every ending is a new beginning" Maryann Williamson


"Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations."
 Dr. Mae Jemison

As a courage specialist™ Doris sees solutions where you see challenges.

Through her continuing practice in diverse professional roles, Doris is equipped to partner with you and employ her passion for supporting personal and professional growth for individuals and organizations.

Doris Roach Coaching Meet Doris

Doris’ Approach
to Courage

Courage is an individual act that comes from the heart. To know when to stand up and speak, sit down and listen, challenge the status quo, take chances, make tough decisions, endure challenging times, discover new possibilities, and be accountable.

You build your 'COURAGE MUSCLE' daily, by being courageous in little things. Just do right. —Maya Angelou

Doris’ Services
for Courage

Doris creatively works with individuals, leaders, management, and teams to realize goals and dreams.

Doris Roach Coaching Meet Doris
You were invaluable in helping to guide and support me as I moved through a complicated set of personal and professional challenges. When we concluded our work together, I felt highly motivated and was no longer feeling trapped.
R. Young
Doris asks the right questions and teaches the right questions to ask. She not only provides the dream of an idea but also the concrete suggestions for bringing the ideas to manifestation.
T. Dowley-Blackman
Doris has a nonjudgemental, even-handed focus that is results oriented. She is perceptive and brings an important, third party voice to the table. Doris took the time to understand our agency’s culture and worked within that framework to achieve our objectives.
Deborah H.
Executive Director