May 2016

2016 World Business and Executive Coaches Summit                                                                              Participating in the world’s biggest online business and executive coach training to accelerate business growth.  Presentations attended include:

Discover the Power of Focus by Aprille Janes.  Identifying the right focus to support your passion and vision. Creative strategies to inspire your own ideas. How to shift from “scattered energy” to “focused energy.”

Bringing Mindfulness into Coaching by Doug Silsbee: – How presence becomes a crucial outcome for clients in big challenges.

Beautiful Questions by Warren Berger.  Cultivating “questioning” leadership.  Understanding the value of good questions. Why, what if and how

Mindful Awareness of Strengths for Daily Resilience by Donald Altman. Recognizing and identifying strengths as one path to developing resilience,

Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart by Deborah Rozman. Simple coaching practices for helping clients access their heart’s intuitive guidance to connect with their highest choices for better outcomes

Show Them Why You’re Worth It With ROI by Lisa Ann Edwards: .  Measuring and demonstrating the return-on-investment (ROI) impact of your coaching will add a whole new level of professionalism to your work.

The Neuroscience of the Woo-Woo by Ann Betz.  Why the strangest, most out of the box coaching methodologies are just what your clients need – and how to easily motivate them to engage.

Self As Coach – An Exploration of the Coach’s Internal Landscape by Pamela McLean: . – The importance of developing one’s own internal landscape in order to cultivate our most important tool in coaching – Self as Coach.

The Power of Not Knowing by Robert Dunham.  Not knowing as the starting point of the entrepreneur, the territory of the inventor, the marketplace of the innovator, and the path of the learner.